About us


In today’s busy world, each of us often faces the challenge of how and where to eat as quickly as possible. Culinary specialities in restaurants are, in spite of a tempting offer, sometimes costly and time-consuming. Mr. KEBAB was founded precisely for these situations and to bring to the market new high-quality fast food. The kebab is a product you have probably encountered, but never so good, so juicy and particularly so tasty as in the Mr. KEBAB international chain. 

A chicken kebab roasted on a vertical spit always served with fresh vegetables, yoghurt-garlic sauce, chilli and olives, in different kinds of bread or just pure meat with vegetables.

The basic kebab product range is supplemented by specialities from chicken, cheese delicacies or potato snacks, soft drinks, 100% fruit juice, quality Illy coffee or tea.

Our story

" I fell for kebab during my travels abroad mostly for its availability and fast preparation. This is approximately where an idea to build own fast food network was born.

It was clear from the beginning that the essence of future success is stable quality product, quality label, emblem and company colours. That is why a large time scope has been dedicated to the development of these elements. Just the emblem itself has undergone a four-months long public inquiry of different age groups, future consumers,  and the marketing professionals from distinguished world companies operating in Slovakia as well.

Design of the first company's store was designed by recognized architectonic studio in a way that would be easily applicable for further stores both in interior and exterior.

My ideas were materialized in 2005 in my first store in the centre of Košice. Another one was opened in June 2006 in shopping centre GALÉRIA in Košice.

We have built the first exterior stall during years 2007 and 2008 in Szombathely in Hungary.

Our franchise concept Mr. KEBAB was introduced in October 2008 at the international franchise exposition in Budapest. It met huge interest there, thanks to its ingenious presentation - the perfect model of the Mr. KEBAB stall was situated right in the exhibition space and offered the free tasting of products.

The shopping centre GALÉRIA in Košice expanded in November 2009, and so did we. You can currently find us on the third floor, in the Food Court part.

Energized with experiences and verve, we opened a new store in June 2010 in the largest shopping centre in Košice - ATRIUM OPTIMA.

We dedicated the following years (2011-2014) to the development and preparation of the first international franchise concept with kebab from Slovakia.''

Ľubor Lelovits, founder and the author of the franchise concept

Mr. KEBAB s.r.o.


Goals and plans

We have the vision of strong franchising network                   Mr. KEBAB.

We intend to bring our products into awareness of the general public of customers and secure a stable position in the international fast food market for the brand Mr. KEBAB.

You can become part of this as well.

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QUALITY MARK - constantly consolidating its position on the market 
of franchisees by the franchisor 
NONSTOP ADVICE - good advice over the phone or in person
Elaborated international FRANCHISE CONCEPT The final FOOD PROCESSING is done right in front of the client
A nice QUICK RETURN  of funds invested in 2-3 years
Emphasis is placed on quality, fresh and TASTY INGREDIENTS FLEXIBLE demands on FINANCES 
depending on the extent, locality and design
Access to sophisticated MARKETING CONCEPT