Franchise Mr. KEBAB

The Mr. KEBAB franchise concept is the first international kebab franchise from Slovakia. The mission of the Mr. KEBAB company is to provide you with support in ensuring the success of fast-food operations in several countries. 

We will teach you how to operate the Mr. KEBAB fast food establishment, find suitable locations, negotiate leases and provide the necessary assistance and support in marketing and daily operations. The Mr. KEBAB franchise program is an easy and understandable concept.
We show you how and what you need to do to become a part of our team, which is currently growing and exceeds the borders of Slovakia. All you have to do is have an interest in working hard to show others the opportunity they have of becoming part of a chain with a great future.       

In the next ten years the Mr. KEBAB brand aspires to become a recognized and internationally expanding fast food chain with quality products, a specific image and friendly service.  
                                                                                             Team Mr. KEBAB, s.r.o. 


QUALITY MARK - constantly consolidating its position on the market 
of franchisees by the franchisor 
NONSTOP ADVICE - good advice over the phone or in person
Elaborated international FRANCHISE CONCEPT The final FOOD PROCESSING is done right in front of the client
A nice QUICK RETURN  of funds invested in 2-3 years
Emphasis is placed on quality, fresh and TASTY INGREDIENTS FLEXIBLE demands on FINANCES 
depending on the extent, locality and design
Access to sophisticated MARKETING CONCEPT