Website with new look

We have prepared a surprise in form of renewed website with modern design for the customers and fans of Mr. KEBAB. From now on, you can browse us with our new look comfortably anywhere and using any device. We have programmed our website in a way available for every web browser and device.

One of the impluses for renovation of the website was the unfair methods of one Turkish businessman. He didn't actually worry his head about his own website; he "simply" copied our site instead. If you click at the link, you can see our old website in Turkish language. :-)



Our website offers the products Mr. KEBAB in much more transparent and graphically attractive depiction. You can choose whatever you feel like today: With meat, No meat or For Children

For those of you, who would like to join us and extend the franchise network Mr. KEBAB, there is a section about first international franchise network with kebab from Slovakia - Mr. KEBAB. You will find all the important information at one place. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to answer your questions or meet you in person.




QUALITY MARK - constantly consolidating its position on the market 
of franchisees by the franchisor 
NONSTOP ADVICE - good advice over the phone or in person
Elaborated international FRANCHISE CONCEPT The final FOOD PROCESSING is done right in front of the client
A nice QUICK RETURN  of funds invested in 2-3 years
Emphasis is placed on quality, fresh and TASTY INGREDIENTS FLEXIBLE demands on FINANCES 
depending on the extent, locality and design
Access to sophisticated MARKETING CONCEPT