Franchise Mr. Kebab


  • easy running
  • only final cook
  • total investments depend on size restaurant, locality, edits,...
  • assistence of holding
  • flexibility area
  • quality mark
  • marketing koncept
  • advertising
  • healty and fresh food
  • intensive training about opening restaurant

Our mission, as holding company HOOK, s.r.o., is provide help to businessman, for successfully opening and operation restaurant Mr. KEBAB in around world. We learn you how operating fast food and help you. We learn you how evaluate locality, how appoint a lease agreement, help with marketing and ordinary running. In substance it is easly and understandable system. We show you how and what do you have to do, that you become partof our system, which we building an which will certainly successfully. You have to only hardly work and show another people chance, which their have in hand. 02.jpg 


In the world is much booths and places with sell of better or worse KEBAB. Until now anybody didn´t try building strong and quality network of fast food with kebab.

Mark Mr. KEBAB have ambition become recognized and international expanded network of fast foods with quality products, specific image and quality services during 10 years.

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Company HOOK s.r.o. is one's licence owner of Mr. KEBAB fast food system, trademark Mr. KEBAB and design restaurant and booths Mr. KEBAB.